Invitation To Bid
The Philippine Heart Center (PHC) invites sealed written bids for the sale of:
ITEM Location Deadline of Submission
One (1) lot Medical Equipment (Stretcher, Hospital Bed, Dialysis Chair, etc.) Steel Parking Area September 5, 2022
One (1) lot Medical Equipment Property July 8, 2021
One (1) lot CONDEMNED VEHICLES EMD Motorpool July 8, 2021
Medical Equipment (Echocardiology System, Ventilator, Stretcher, Hemodialysis etc.) Property July 10, 2019
One (1) unit CONDEMNED AMBULANCE VEHICLE EMD Motorpool August 24, 2017
One (1) lot Medical Equipment (Fluoroscopic Imager, O.R. Lights, etc.) Property Stockroom November 14, 2016
One (1) lot Condemned Elevators, Generator Sets, etc. EMD Stockyard November 8, 2016
One (1) lot Medical Equipment (Fluoroscopic Imager, O.R. Lights, etc.) Property Stockrooms June 24, 2016
One (1) lot Medical Equipment, etc. Property Stockrooms February 27, 2015
X-ray Machine, Hospital Beds, etc. Property Stockrooms November 28, 2014
Interested bidder(s) may secure bid forms from any member of the Disposal Committee for Equipment.
The Philippine Heart Center reserves the right to disqualify any prospective bidder(s) if found that they have submitted falsified documents and/or information, and the right to accept or reject any bid, and to annul the bidding process, and to reject all bids at any time prior to award of contract, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected bidder(s).
Should the situation warrant for further negotation, said negotation shall be done first with the highest evaluated bidder. Should a failure ensue, then negotation with the second highest evaluated bidder shall be done and so on, as warranted.
Last Modified: February 11, 2023