PHC's Organization Structure
Public Relations Hospital Information System Quality Assurance Management Sevices Office Director Board of Trustees Office of Strategy Management Department of Cardiovascular Surgery and Anesthesia Department of Education, Training and Research Department of Nursing Education and Research Central Supply Section Linen Section Hospital Infection Control Office Department of Pediatric Cardiology Department of Ambulatory and Emergency Care Blood Bank Division Clinical Cardiology Division Adult Cardiothoracic Surgery Division Medical Education Division Division of Medical and Surgical Care Clinical and Intensive Care Division Emergency Care Division CV Radiological Sciences Division Critical Care Cardiology Division Cardiovascular Anesthesia Division Medical Records Library Division Assistant Director Administrative Services Diagnostic Laboratory Division Out Patient Division Laboratory Medicine Division Electrocardiology Division Cardiovascular Research and Out-Patient Division Professional Training Division Medical Specialties Division Invasive Cardiology Division Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery Division Research Division Nuclear Medicine Division Non-Invasive Cardiology Division Vascular Surgery Division Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Division Preventive Cardiology Division Pulmonary Medicine Division vascular Medicine Division Renal and Metabolic Division Department of Administrative and Finance Services Department of Auxilliary Services Accounting Division Division of Specialized Care Allied Services Division Budget and Planning Division Customer Relations Division Division of Medical and Surgical Care Department of Adult Cardiology Division of Critical Care Credit and Collection Division Engineering and Maintenance Division Human Resources Division Food Service Division Nutrition and Dietetics Division Department of Allied Medical Specialties Department of Special Areas Assistant Director Medical Services Property and Supply Section Division of ER Out-Patient and Diagnostic Care Division of Pediatric Care Pharmacy Division Purchasing Division Social Services Division Department of Clinical Areas Assistant Director Nursing Services