PhilGEPS Postings
(27 September 2012 - 15 November 2013)
Ref. Number
Published Date of Invitations to Bid/REI/RFQ Bid Notice Title Published Date of the Notice of Award Date of Posting of P.O./ Approved Contract and Notice to Proceed Bid Notice Status Remarks
56902111/7/20134 bxs D10 HBAIC Reagent Pack/ 400T11/18/201311/15/2013AwardedN/A
19651859/27/20121 unit Blood RefrigeratorN/AN/AFailedReference No. 1965185 dated 02/13/2013 TOR for modification based on the current need of the End-user
201757111/9/20131300 canister Solucarb11/9/201311/6/2013AwardedN/A
201835211/9/2012200 pcs Inflation Device11/23/201211/22/2012AwardedN/A
201908211/10/2012Pest Control Services (1 year contract)2/27/20138/1/2013Awarded 
201916311/10/2012Medical Liquid Oxygen (1 year contract)N/AN/AFailedReference No. 2019163 dated 02/06/2013 Bid price exceeded the ABC
205907712/8/20122 units Heater/Cooler Machine3/13/20135/20/2013Awarded 
205910612/8/20123 units In-line Blood Monitoring System2/6/20134/10/2013Awarded 
205912412/8/20121 unit Pediatric Heart and Lung Machine with Heater/Cooler Machine3/13/20133/19/2013Awarded 
205913812/8/20121 unit Centrifugal Pump (ECMO System)2/20/20132/26/2013Awarded 
205918112/8/20121 lot Life Support Training Manikins and AccessoriesN/AN/AFailed Reference No. 2059181 dated 02/13/2013 Tor for modification based on the current need of the End-user
205923112/8/20121 lot Surgical Instruments3/10/20133/13/2013Awarded 
205925812/8/201210 units Mechanical Ventilators5/7/20135/16/2013Awarded 
207381112/21/2013500 bxs Povidone Iodine1/10/20131/8/2013AwardedN/A
207605512/27/20121 unit Plasma Freezer3/7/20134/23/2013Awarded 
207607612/27/20121 lot Anesthesia Safe Labeling System3/6/20133/8/2013Awarded 
207609312/27/20122 units Biphasic DefibrillatorN/AN/AFailedReference No. 2076093 dated 02/05/2013 No bid submitted during the opening of bids
207610312/27/20121 unit PasteurmaticN/AN/AFailedReference No. 2076093 dated 02/05/2013 No bid submitted during the opening of bids
207610912/27/20121 unit Sterile Drier with Bag drierN/AN/AFailedReference No. 2076109 dated 02/05/2013 No bid submitted during the opening of bids
207612212/27/2012Aircon Maintenance (1 year contract)N/AN/AFailedReference No. 2076122 dated 02/13/2013 Did not comply with the eligibility and technical requirement during the opening of bids
20790241/3/20138 units ECG- 3 channel Machines3/3/20133/6/2013Awarded 
20826811/9/20133800 roll plaster "Leukoplast"1/28/20131/24/2013AwardedN/A
20838741/10/201380 kits disposable leucodepleted platelets " haemonetics, etc.1/28/20131/24/2013AwardedN/A
20851251/11/201311 kits HbsAg II Reagent-ARC 100T etc2/4/20131/28/2013AwardedN/A
20851671/11/201311 kits HbsAg II Reagent-ARC 100T etc2/4/20131/28/2013AwardedN/A
21375002/22/201340 bxs DxH Diluent 10L etc.3/20/20133/7/2013AwardedN/A
21527123/2/2013300 pcs Co-pilot Bleedback control Valve3/2/20133/14/2013AwardedN/A
21536783/2/20131 unit PasteurmaticN/AN/AFailedReference No. 2153678 dated 06/10/2013 Failed in 2 occasions
21537471/2/20131 unit Blood Refrigerator4/16/20135/31/2013Awarded 
21538023/2/20131 unit 32-Channel Digital Electroencephalograph6/6/20137/4/2013Awarded 
21538411/2/2013Aircon Maintenance (1 year contract)5/7/20138/1/2013Awarded 
21538591/2/2013Medical Liquid Oxygen (1 year contract)4/13/20134/1/2013Awarded 
21538791/3/2013Foodstuff (6 months contract)5/6/20135/1/2013Awarded 
21559093/5/2013250 sets Adult Oxygenator membrane Quadrox I HMO 7000 + VHK 20014/8/20133/22/2013AwardedN/A
21562073/5/2013700 pcs disposable transducer kit4/8/20133/22/2013AwardedN/A
21562983/5/20135000 pcs Blood gas/ electrolyte cartridge combination4/8/20133/22/2013AwardedN/A
21587733/6/201320 pcs Dideo Liliput neonate oxygenator w/ neonate heart lung custom tubing pack4/8/20133/22/2013AwardedN/A
21883703/26/2013200 pcs Inflation device4/15/20134/11/2013AwardedN/A
21915144/2/20133 bxs D10 HBAIC4/24/20134/19/2013AwardedN/A
21921504/2/201350 pcs Dideco Auto-Transfusion System kit4/25/20134/19/2013AwardedN/A
21968984/8/2013320 sets Dideco Compactflo EVO Adult Membrane Oxygenator PH coated4/26/20134/19/2013AwardedN/A
22050214/17/20133800 rolls Plaster5/2/20134/30/2013AwardedN/A
22050414/17/201380 sets Capiox RX155/2/20134/30/2013AwardedN/A
22050624/17/201380 sets Hollow Fiber5/2/20134/30/2013AwardedN/A
22169074/30/2013Foodstuff (4 months contract)N/AN/AFailed Reference No. 2216907 dated 06/10/2013 Failed in 2 occasions
22169294/30/2013Janitorial Services (2 years contract)N/AN/AFailed 
22169534/30/2013Supply or package of 1 unit Walk-in Chiller and 1 unit Walk-in FreezerN/AN/AFailedReference No. 2216953 dated 04/10/2013 No Tax Clearance submitted
22169694/30/20132 units Biphasic DefibrillatorN/AN/ACancelled5/15/2013
22169814/30/20131 lot Life Support Training ManikinsN/AN/AFailedReference No. 2216981 dated 06/10/2013 failed in 2 occasions
22169894/30/20131 unit Sterile Drier with Bag DrierN/AN/AFailedReference No. 2216989 dated 06/10/2013 No participating Bidder
22169974/30/20131 unit Rotary Microtome 7/3/20138/1/2013Awarded 
22170034/30/20131 unit Gas Sterilizer10/14/201310/17/2013Awarded 
22170114/30/20131 unit Patient Cardiac Monitor (Touch Screen)6/28/20139/17/2013Awarded 
22170194/30/20131 lot Passenger ElevatorN/AN/AFailed 
22506576/4/201320 set Dideco Liliput7/11/20136/24/2013AwardedN/A
22516114/5/2013Supply and Labor, Materials and Equipment for the Expansion of MAB Annex, to include Testing and Commissioning10/25/2013On-goingAwardedContract for signature
22734496/26/2013Janitorial Services (2 years contract)N/AN/AFailedReference No. 2273449 dated 11/25/2013 recommended for Negotiated Procurement
22734746/26/2013Laundry Services (16 months contract)N/AN/AFailedReference No. 2273474 dated 07/29/2013 No participating Bidder
22735006/26/20131 lot Passenger ElevatorN/AN/AFailedReference No. 2273500 dated 07/29/2013 No participating Bidder
22735276/26/20131 unit Oscillating SawN/AN/ACancelled 
22735706/26/20131 lot Defibrillator (1 unit NICU and 2 units OR)N/AN/AOn-goingAwaiting for the recommendation from the End-user
22735946/26/20131 unit Video Laryngoscope N/AN/AOn-goingDemo on December 3-5, 2013 as per HOPE
23194587/31/201330 bxs JACT(plus) cuvettes8/16/20138/15/2013AwardedN/A
23253698/5/20131 lot Passenger ElevatorN/AN/AFailed No bidder attended the opening of bids
23253818/5/2013Laundry Services (16 months contract)N/AN/AFailedNo bidder attended the opening of bids
23334028/13/2013100 pcs Certofix Mono8/29/20138/22/2013AwardedN/A
23376018/15/201350 set capiox RX15 pediatric hollw fiber9/13/20139/10/2013AwardedN/A
23376198/15/201350 set Hollow fiber Oxygenator9/13/20139/10/2013AwardedN/A
23531118/30/2013500 bxs Povidone Iodine9/13/20139/10/2013AwardedN/A
23623939/6/201340 bxs 504-606X Catheter Sheath Intro System9/19/20139/17/2013AwardedN/A
23658409/9/2013Laundry Services (15 months contract)N/AN/AOn-goingBid documents for signature with HOPE
23665189/10/2013200 pcs polysulfone dialyzer B. Braun10/1/20139/26/2013AwardedN/A
23673209/10/201330 pcs Dideco Liliput9/30/20139/26/2013AwardedN/A
23794299/19/2013100 set Brat 2 procedure set 250ml 30cm10/2/20139/30/2013AwardedN/A
23795499/19/20133000 roll plaster "Leukoplast"10/7/201310/1/2013AwardedN/A
23851229/24/2013Foodstuff (6 months contract)On-goingOn-goingAwardedNOA for signature
23859739/24/20131 lot Passenger ElevatorN/AN/AOn-goingRecommended for site inspection
23921129/19/201314 kit HbsAg II Reagent 10/10/201310/4/2013AwardedN/A
240640110/11/2013Lease and Develop a Multi-Level Parking and Commercial Facility (PPP)N/AN/AFailedReference No. 2406401 dated 11/25/2013
241337410/17/201340 bxs DxH Diluent 10L11/5/201310/30/2013AwardedN/A
241714510/21/2013200 pcs Inflation Device7/11/201311/6/2013AwardedN/A
242246410/24/20131000 pcs Nelaton Catheter Fr. 10 (sterile) Rob-Nel Arygyle11/18/201311/8/2013AwardedN/A
243637110/10/20131 unit 2D Echo MachineN/AN/AOn-goingEnd-user requested for an actual demo
243807311/6/20133 units Anesthesia MonitorN/AN/AOn-goingOpening of Bids dated December 3, 2013
243818811/6/20131 unit Gross Pathology WorkstationN/AN/AOn-goingOpening of Bids dated December 3, 2013
243822311/6/20131 lot RadiopharmaceuticalsN/AN/AOn-goingOpening of Bids dated December 10, 2013
243826111/6/201395 pcs. High Efficiency Particulate 99.9% efficiency Hepa FilterN/AN/AOn-goingOpening of Bids dated December 10, 2013
243828011/6/20131 lot Supply of Labor and Materials for the provision including installation of Pneumatic TubeN/AN/AOn-goingOpening of Bids dated December 10, 2013
243831211/6/2013Pharmaceutical Supplies (1 year contract)N/AN/AOn-goingOpening of Bids dated December 3, 2013
243940911/6/20133 units Defibrillator with External Pacer (1 unit for SICU and 2 units for ER)N/AN/AOn-goingOpening of Bids dated December 3, 2013
243945111/6/2013Medical Supplies (1 year contract)N/AN/AOn-goingOpening of Bids dated December 10, 2013