1. Patients with request for OPD Diagnostic Packages shall proceed to the ECG Room of the Out-Patient Division, Ground Floor, Medical Arts Building Annex.
  2. The Heart Package (HP) Staff will give preliminary instructions regarding details of the package.
  3. The required fees must be paid directly to the Cashier's Office prior to the procedure unless previous arrangements have been made through their companies that have credit lines with Heart Center. A copy of an Authorization Letter from the company addressed to the PHC Credit and Collection Division must be submitted, as applicable.
  4. Official results of the diagnostic tests may be obtained at the OPD Diagnostic Package room at ECG-OPD by the patient himself or his authorized representative after three to four working days from the last procedure.
  5. Requirements and schedules for patients with Stress Echocardiography, 24 hour Holter Monitor and/or 24 Hour Ambulatory BP Monitor requests will be reffered to the Non-Invasive Diagnostic Cardiology Division.
  6. Schedules for patients with vascular surgery laboratory requests will be reffered to the Vascular Surgery Division.
  7. Patients with Pathology requests may obtain their results at a designated time given to them by the laboratory medicine personnel except for those companies which have credit lines with the PHC.
  8. Laboratory examinations shall be done within the contract year for companies with credit lines with the PHC. Any procedures to be done beyond the specified date will not be accepted.
  9. Discounted rates for government employees and senior citizen will not be honored since the OPD Diagnostic Packages are already based on a reduced rate.
  10. Payment of HP fees may be done using credit cards after such verification by PHC Credit and Collection Division.
  11. Laboratory results maybe obtained through the different diagnostic laboratories concerned provided that the official receipt must be presented.
  12. No other professional fees will be charged for the OPD Diagnostic Packages.
  13. It is presumed that all patients undergoing these tests have private physicians who will interpret the results for them.
  14. Package rates are subject to change without prior notice.
Last Modified: May 16, 2016