Personal Needs
What to Bring. Personal items (toilet articles, underwear, slippers, robe); books and magazines, light hobbies and clothing for your discharge. You will be provided with hospital gowns. However, you may bring your own pajamas/nightgowns. It is also requested that you bring financial records and health insurance / Philhealth forms, medical records and information on past illnesses.
What not to Bring. For your safety and security, please do not bring large amounts of cash, jewelry or other valuables, plug-in appliances such as hair dryers, electric razors or irons. Electric radio cassettes, fans, etc. may be brought in but will be charged with corresponding daily power rates.
Your Room. Suites at the fourth floor and private rooms on the third floor are equipped with the following: dressing room/closets, bathroom, refrigerator, television set and telephone. Your nurse will be happy to explain the use of the various gadgets in your room. Should you need anything, please press the call button.
Our janitors will come to clean your room once a day. We ask your help in keeping the rooms clean and well maintained by using the proper waste receptacles provided for the specific type of garbage. Please call the nurse for anything that needs prompt repair or cleaning.
Last Modified: July 01, 2024