Checkup and Surgery
For a Patient Who will undergo a Medical Check-Up. You will be a fairly "busy" person during your stay in the Center. You will undergo various tests as early as 6:00 a.m. The nurse will acquaint you with the schedule of tests and the nurse attendants will assist you to the laboratories.
For a Patient who will undergo an Operation. Your cardiologist and your surgeon will fully explain to you the nature of operation and will issue instructions on what tests you may have to take and other preparations. You will also be told the date and approximate time of your operation.
Surgical Package Deal (SPD) is also available. Please inquire from your attending physician for more details regarding this agreement.
During surgery, you will have to give up your room. From the operating room you will be moved to the Recovery Room, then to the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (depending on the type of operation). You will be transferred to a regular room when your doctor so orders.
The surgical areas are strictly for hospital personnel. A waiting area at the peripheral corridor is provided for the members of the family. This is found at the second floor of the Hospital Bldg. near the Intensive Care Units.
Last Modified: July 01, 2024