Volume 1 Number 1, July-September 1994
A Dream Fulfilled
Romeo D. Zamora, MD
Original Articles
Validity of Doppler Echocardiographic Estimations of Systolic Pulmonary Artery Pressure in Pediatric Patients with Shunt Lesions
RP Castronuevo, LSR Casas, AS Gamponia, WL Lopez
Exercise Supplementation During Dipyridamole Myocardial Perfusion Scintigraphy: Effect on Image Quality, Hemodynamic and Electrocardiographic Response and Occurrence of Side Effects
LC Manalaysay, RV Ogbac, AO Martinez, JM Obaldo, TB Sadava, OP Monzon, JF Torres, Jr.
Carbon Dioxide Recruitment Threshold (PCO2RT) As A Predictor of Successful Weaning in COPD Patients: A Pilot Study
AT Koh, ET Ang, TS De Guia
Arterial Oxygen Tension During and After Endotracheal Suctioning
LK Chang, RM Perez, MS Bautista, TS De Guia
Review Articles
Heart Rate Variability and Cardiovascular Disease - A Review of Current Concepts
LMI Habana, WT Chua, BO Carisma
Case Reports
Local Experience in the Use of the Titanium Greenfield Intra Cava Filters: A Report of the First Five Cases in the Philippines
WG Dee, YQ Sulit, RD Saavedra, WT De Guzman, AA Miranda
The Use of Native Aortic Valve as Pulmonary Valve in the Ross Procedure
SY De Leon, JA Quinosa, RH Miles, J Hofstra, TJ Bell, EA Fischer, R Pifarre
Congenital Coronary-Cardiac Chamber Fistula
AC Rico, SA Lacson, FA Garcia
Semilunar Valve Switch Operation for Severe Rheumatic Aortic Valve Regurgitation
RT Gamponia, SY De Leon, LD Torres, WL Lopez
Special Section
Radiology Quiz
AF Villarosa, CA Drilon
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