The Philippines is known to have the longest celebration of the Christmas Season, with homes and shops dressed up in holiday decor and Christmas songs being played as soon as the month of September begins. At the Philippine Heart Center, the annual Christmas Program Committee starts to plan the hospital's program of activities around October and officially launches the Christmas festivities on the first day of December. This usually begins with a Eucharistic Celebration, followed by a brief Opening Program. This year's theme is "Pistang Pasko sa PHC" with a fiesta/festival motif. Banderitas and other native fiesta decorative accents and lights adorn the hospital's lobbies.
The launch program started with a big bang.... a street dancing competition among the Administrative, Medical and Nursing Services featuring Philippine regional festivals. The program opened with exhibition performances from the drum and bugle and folk dance groups from high schools in Metro Manila. As always, the contest brought out the PHC employees' creativity and choreography skills, as well as the competitive spirit among the participants. Colorful costumes, make-up, props and appropriate ethnic music and sound effects contributed to the festive air of the friendly competition. This year, the activity encouraged even the surprise appearance and participation of the Assistant Directors and department heads of the three Services.
The winners of the street dancing contest were: Nursing Services (First Prize), Administrative Services (Second Prize) and Medical Services (Third Prize).Congratulations to the members of the PHC 2014 Christmas Program Committee, led by its chairman, Dr. Ramon Ribu, for a successful launch activity! Watch out for and actively participate in the events for December.
Last Modified: January 08, 2015