The 15th Annual Nursing Research Presentation was held on December 10, 2014 at the Dr. Aventura Hall. Each division presented their studies in line with the theme, "Transforming Nursing Care through Research."
The panel of judges was chaired by former PRC Board Chairman, Dr. Eufemia F. Octaviano, with members namely, Prof. Leonila A. Faire, former PRC Board Member, and Mr. Jundelle Romulo K. Jalique, PHC biostatistician. They evaluated each study and provided comments to further improve the papers.

From the five entries, the following studies won in the Research Presentation:
PrizeTitle of Research PaperPresentor
First Place "Accuracy of Arterial Blood Compared to Capillary Blood in Glucose Determination Among Post Cardiac Surgery Adult Patients" from the Division of Critical Care; Michelle Angelie D. Castillo,RN
Second Place "Perceived Level of Collaboration Among Nurses and Physicians in the Philippine Heart Center" from the Division of Medical-Surgical Care; Jason M. Arevalo, RN
Third Place "Effectiveness of Peripheral Intravenous Cannula (PIVC) Care Bundles in Preventing IV Complications Among Patients with IV Therapy" (from the Division of ER/OPD/3E/3F/Diagnostic Care) Benigno Marcial V. Peralta, RN
Last Modified: January 21, 2015