Infection Control Week
The Philippine Heart Center (PHC) celebrated once again its Annual Infection Control Week on October 10-14, 2011 with its theme: "Infection Prevention: Putting Germs Out of Action". This was hosted by the Infection Control Committee (ICC), particularly the Infection Control Link Coordinators (ICLC).
The celebration started with the opening of the exhibit about Infection Prevention. The next day a lecture discussion to OPD patients and relatives was conducted at OPD Annex with the following topics: Dengue Fever and Bird Flu. Part of the activity was distribution of leaflets of said topics to OPD patients and relatives. The highlight of the week's celebration was the Scientific Symposium held on the 3rd day at the Dr. Avenilo P. Aventura Hall. It was attended by hospital personnel coming from different PHC units/departments and participants from other hospitals. Several interesting topics were discussed for the whole day affair. Topics included: Transmission of Infectious Agents in Healthcare Settings / How to Prevent Transmission to Healthcare Workers; What's New in Infection Prevention; Wound Care: New Trends in Prevention/Treatment; Clostridium Difficile: Current Threat in Infection Control; and Infection Control During Construction/Renovation. These topics were delivered by top-caliber speakers coming from other institutions and from the PHC likewise.
Booth exhibitors from different companies were invited during the symposium to promote their Infection Control Products. On the 4th day, a Watchers' Conference was conducted to inpatient relatives with the following topics: "Street Foods -Safe Ba Ito?"; Waste Management; and Pest Control. While on the last day, Global Handwashing Day was celebrated with hand and nurse mascots going around the hospital for the reiteration of hand hygiene and its importance. There was also a handwashing moment (11:00 a.m.) wherein all hospital personnel performed handwashing at the same time. There were long standing games offered to all PHC employees, except the ICC and ICLC members. Prizes were given to winners. The celebration ended with a culminating activity/get-together for the Infection Control Link Coordinators, particularly the Overall Chair of the Infection Control Week and different Committee Chairpersons, for the achievement done.
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