Foodservices Division Created
Inspired by the recent renovation of the Cafeteria, Chef Dolly and her staff crafted their Division's Vision: "By 2018, we shall be the foremost food recipe innovator, serving quality healthy food that is accessible to all." Their Mission statement is: "Our Customer's Health is our Culinary Concern."

With the renovation of the entire area, the Division was 'restructured' as a "walk-thru" for a more efficient fluidity in the workflow and ideal food service. The various sections start with the Receiving Section, to the Pre-Preparation Area, then to the Cooking, Service and Dishwashing Sections and finally, the Garbage Disposal Area.
Foodservice Staff
The Foodservice staff were further inspired to work by their especially-designed uniforms which distinguish each one by their role or position in the Division. The staff is comprised of (4) Supervisors, (2) Chefs (Cooks), (2) Cashiers, (1) Cost Clerk/Secretary and the Foodservice Workers and the Division Chief.
In-Service Training
To achieve their Vision and Mission, Chef Dolly made sure her staff are 'empowered' and 'morally uplifted' by subjecting them to a series of development seminars twice a month:, aside from Food Preparation and Cooking Skills, the lectures were on Customer Relations, Telephone Etiquette, Personality Development, Good Grooming, Effective Written Communication.

The In-Service Training has given the staff improved cooking and communication skills, a certain level of self-confidence and empowerment at work, a feeling of solidarity, pride and belongingness to the Division.

The result is a pleasant, happier demeanor in going about their daily tasks, which translate to prompt and efficient customer service.
Feedback from Clients
In the beginning, PHC employees and regular customers at the Cafeteria were 'delighted', 'surprised' and sometimes 'overwhelmed' when the Foodservice staff greet them with a smile, go out of their way to accommodate personal requests and wish them an enjoyable meal. Later on, they have gotten used and often look forward to this brand of superb and customized service.
Division Plans
The foodservices division plans to expand the PHC Botanical and Herb Garden which provides the healthy organic beverages (pandan and tanglad teas), vegetables and herbs for the meals. They will also come up with a Cookbook with kitchen-tested recipes.
Last Modified: December 13, 2013