The Food Services division recently created a line of preserved goods that are now available at the Deli Shop of its Cafe 1475.
Adding spice to the conventional cafeteria food service, the FSD deli products will not only satiate the customers' incessant cravings for delicious treats but will also address their health needs---staying true to the Division's core mission and vision. From herbed fruit jams to organic pasta sauces, to greaseless peanuts and cured hams, the Cafe 1475 Deli has given a new definition to food preserves.
Cooked with health in mind, the ingredients used in the making of the products are naturally-grown, with a calculated balance of modern food innovation.
Herbed fruit jams are sweet but without synthetic preservatives. The fruits have sugar and are infused with herbs which are organically-cultivated in the PHC's Botanical Garden. The oregano pesto sauce and peanut orange kaffir are also filled with herbs straight from the Garden. These are cooked using quality-controlled methods that limit the use of artificial ingredients and oil that promote foods good for the heart.
The latest addition to the Deli products is the Cafe 1475 Christmas Ham which is heart-friendly because of its less-sodium and all naturally-sweet attributes.
Since natural ingredients are used, the products' shelf life is shorter compared to the regular jams and hams in the groceries and delicatessens. Cafe 1475 assures that quality healthy products are given to its patrons at reasonable prices.
Last Modified: January 21, 2015