On December 2, 2014 the Blood Bank of the Philippine Heart Center gave recognition to those who have lent a part of themselves voluntarily for the cause of saving patients' lives.
The program started with Welcome Remarks from the assistant director for administrative services, Dr. Ma. Jacinta Victoria T. Lualhati. She said that blood donation is very important for it gives hope to saving patient's lives. "We don't treat your blood as a commodity, because you are actually giving a part of who you are," she stated. Dr. Leonisa Sagun, head of the Blood Bank division, officially opened the event.
One inspiring talk is from Mr. Daniel F. Tiangco, a rare blood type donor. His uncommon A- ascertained hope to those who need it the most. He attested that one doesn't have to be a health worker to help patients. He further stated, "Madali lang magbigay ng pera at serbisyo, pero iba ang pakiramdam kung taos-pusong parte mo ang binibigay". Nothing rings truer than that.
The highlight of the program was when the true heroes of the cause were called to be honored. The first award given, The Galloner Award, is for those who have donated six times or more. Likewise, PHC employees were also awarded, as well as apheresis and rare blood type donors. Certificates of recognition were also given to organizations and partner agencies that help mass blood donation programs. There were also certificates of appreciation awards to the guests.
The event also featured song and dance numbers from medical technology interns and was topped by a satisfying lunch buffet.
Last Modified: January 21, 2015