PHC on 52100 Reload Project and FitFil National Weight Loss Challenge
The PHC Community supports the 52100 Reload Project of the Philippine Heart Association by accepting the Fit Filipino (Fit Fil) Weight Loss Challenge and will be introduced and incorporated in the PHC Wellness Program. Both activities were launched on August 14, 2017 after the flag-raising ceremony at the PHC Medical Arts Building Driveway.
FitFil challenge is the country’s biggest nationwide health, fitness and wellness movement which was founded by spouses Jim and Toni Saret, premiere fitness and wellness coaches. Their aim is to make FitFil Challenge a part of every Filipino’s life and the primary driving force in getting the whole country to become stronger, fitter and healthier.
Coach Jim Saret spearheaded the four-minute workout which was participated by PHC employees. PHC participants danced to the beat as they work their way to health and wellness through a lifestyle that advocates physical activities that are easy and fun to do.
The PHC pledged 5,210 lbs to the FitFil Challenge, a commitment of PHC employees towards healthier and more active lifestyle. Dr. Ranulfo Javelosa, PHC Wellness Program Chairman, accepted the challenge, made the pledge in behalf of the PHC management and employees, and sealed it with a handshake with Coach Jim Saret, the proponent of FitFil Challenge.
Last Modified: August 17, 2017